For years now I have watched in disbelief as companies in our industry come and go, with what I call "boy band mentality", or hollow, trendy, one hit wonders. While the casualties are heartbreaking to watch, I have always found peace in the unwavering timeliess principles of FG XPRESS. Recently, I had the privilege of serving as the President of the MLMIA (Multi Level Marketing International Association) which sounds good, but it felt more like police work.

Here are the four stages that I observed, that I call MLM Groundhog Day:

Phase 1 - Creative Stage. This is when a company opens its doors and everyone is so excited they can hardly sleep... honeymoon! Create! Create! Create!

Phase 2 - Blame, Credit, Victim. This is when revenues flat line or fall, and everyone is blaming each other and no one is taking responsibility. People are looking for backdoors! Fear and scarcity set in.

Phase 3 - HEAVY HANDED Policies and Procedures. The company now begins promoting all the things YOU CAN'T DO. Sadly, what we resist persists.

Phase 4 - Heart Break and Litigation. Yet another crushing blow to our industry which leads to more casualties, and less credibility.

So consciously we designed FG XPRESS to have a vision bigger than all of us. So that none of us could get in the way. Our pledge to each other is PHASE 1 FOREVER!!! Create! Create! Create!

Ron Williams - CEO, Chairman, Founder

Investor Information



Ron Williams

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
25 Years of success in the Industry. Nuskin, Neways, Young Living Essential Oils, Brain Garden, ForeverGreen International.
Born and raised in Southern California, Ron Williams is recognized as a leader and innovator in the network marketing industry with a successful career. Williams is a true visionary.Lecturer and advocate for health and personal development through his U of YOU trainings which emphasize a life of design rather than default. He is committed to using his time, talent and resources to making a difference in the world, one person at a time. Williams has successfully led multi-million dollar corporations with his unique talent for creatively bringing intangible concepts to life.Committed to the industry and its success across the globe, He served as the President of the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association), His magnetic leadership touches and empowers people around the globe. He is also an award-winning filmmaker, author, music writer, and producer.

Brenda Huang
17 Years of success in the Industry. Tahitian Noni International, Destiny WorldWideInc, ForeverGreen International.
Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, lived in Hong Kong and immigrated to USA in year 2000. Mrs. Huang has been involved in the success of thousands of people in the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, Germany and Hungary. Although she likes working directly with Distributors, one of her strongest areas of expertize is general management, compensation plan design and analysis, international expansion and logistics and human resource and entrepreneurship. She speaks 5 languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese, Cantonese and is currently learning her 6th language: Korean. Brenda Huang love learning about different cultures and traveling, languages and food.
Bob Mower Steed
President – International
24 Years of success in the industry. Trivani and Neways.With a family-owned business peaking at a billion dollars per year, Bob literally grew up in the industry. From entry level as a young man to eventual CEO & President, he has logged hundreds of thousands of miles, lived abroad, and has touched every continent on his way to the top. Bob is a high character, high integrity individual and is a perfect fit for the ForeverGreen/FG Xpress family. Please welcome Mr. Bob Mower Steed!
Rick Bazzill
Director of International Sales & Training
37 Years of success in the industry.In the Seventy Years since MLM began, there have been many great leaders arise in many companies, but few there are that have had the legendary success that Rick Bazzill has. In the past four decades, with five Network Marketing Companies (including owning his own) Rick Bazzill has created over Ten Million distributors in his downlines, created over thirty thousand Diamond Distributors, and produced nearly three thousand millionaires, generating over $20 billion in sales.His most recent company, a twenty five year old Giant in the Industry, created over 7 million distributors in 43 countries…Ricks “Freedom Success System” training has taught and educated millions of people to be successful in Network Marketing. Ricks best selling CD’s like “How I built a $50 Million Business in 36 Months” and “Why I’ll never Join Another MLM Again” – have inspired many people that they can succeed and make their dreams a reality…Rick Bazzill investigated dozens of MLM opportunities before deciding that his longtime friend Ron Williams and FGX were the best opportunity in the Industry to create success for millions of people around the world- To bring the message of health and wealth to people in a down to earth, personable way…
Jorge Alvarado
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
19 Years of success in the Industry. Neways, ForeverGreen International.Born and raised in Mexico, his educational background is in Marketing and Sciences of Communications. Mr. Alvarado has been involved in the success of thousands of people in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain and the USA. He is bilingual (English and Spanish). Mr. Alvarado has always worked hand to hand with Distributors and leaders in the field, coaching, leading and developing leadership. Among his strengths there are public speaking, marketing, management and administration and training.
Jack Eldridge
Chief Financial Officer
15 years of success in the industry, both as distributor and corporate leader. Jack has a bachelor’s in accounting and an MBA from Brigham Young University and is a CPA licensed in the state of Utah. He became ForeverGreen’s CFO in September of 2013, bringing extensive public reporting and international business experience from his years with Novell and Rio Tinto. Jack is known for his ability to assemble and train an elite global finance team, with special skill in creating the financial infrastructure to support massive growth. He’s been married 27 years with 6 children and 2 grandchildren. He also recently started triathlons and marathons and has an ambition to one day finish a full IronMan event.
Vince Romney
Vice President, Information TechnologyThe Limu Company, MonaVie, Ellipse Technology, Inc, Forever Green International.Vince is a high-energy individual with a love for technology. He has experience across several industries, including environmental, medical technology, computer hardware development, computer software development, and IS/IT system integrations.
Allen Davis
COO/General Counsel
Allen Davis graduated Magna Cum Laude in Economics from Brigham Young University and received his Juris Doctorate, graduating Cum Laude, from the J. Reuben Clark Law School. He has since had twenty three years of legal experience and seventeen years of business experience.Throughout his career, he has worked as Vice President/ Corporate Counsel and later VP of Operations for an international company doing nearly a billion dollars of business per year. He also acted as the company’s Corporate Compliance Officer, constructing a Corporate Compliance Program to ensure company compliance with all laws, regulations, and other ethical business standards.
Craig Smith
Vice President, Business Development
12 Years of success in the Industry. Investrio, ForeverGreen International.Born and raised in Longmont, Colorado, and with a bachelors Degree and Masters Degree from BYU in Public Administration, Mr. Smith speaks English and French. Among his strengths, Mr. Smith is a skilled Project Manager, Contract Developer and also plays an important roll in Investor Relations for the stock market. Mr. Smith also leads the Community Stands, which is of major importance for the culture of FG XPress.
Robert Reitz
Vice President, Strategic Planning
16 Years of success in the Industry. Enrich/Unicity, TNI/Morinda/Tahitian Noni, NextFit, ForeverGreen International.Born and raised in Utah and spent a couple of years in Japan, California, Texas and New Jersey. Mr. Reitz achieved his MBA from NYU with emphasis in Statistics and International Business, undergraduate degree from BYU with majors in Japanese and Economics. He lived in Japan for 3 and a half years and he has been involved in the success of important markets such as Japan, China, Korea and USA. Mr. Reitz has served as CFO of two publicly traded companies totaling 6 years. Loves working with Distributors and understands commissions inside out. Mr. Reitz speaks two languages.
Ben Allen
Vice President, Operations
13 Years of success in the industry. Destiny WorldWide and Forever Green International.Ben has been an important part of our team since the very beginning of ForeverGreen. He brings a great “can do” attitude and as Ron says “when the going gets tough, there’s Ben”. One of his favorite things about working at ForeverGreen is that he really enjoys the feeling of family that is present at the office. “It is my second family, they are a real part of my life… they are more than just coworkers.” Ben also loves what the company stands for and how it provides its Members the opportunity to create the lives that they want.
Joe Jensen
Vice President of Sales
12 Years of success in the industry. Plexus Slim, Serenigy Global, Mona Vie and Max International. Joe cut his teeth in the industry as a distributor while putting himself through college and then years later as a top executive and founder of a nutritional supplement manufacturer that developed products for over a dozen high growth network marketing companies. Joe has spent 25 years building successful sales teams in the pharmaceutical, health & beauty, training, direct selling and software industries. Joe has overseen the successful product development, launch and distribution of market leading retail product lines throughout the U.S., EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Joe is a business builder that believes every business is built on trust and relationships. Joe received a B.A. in History from the University of Utah and an M.B.A. from Westminster College with an emphasis on technology commercialization and business valuation.